What is the Coalition?

Launched in 2012, the Coalition for Mental Health and Wellbeing brings together Members of the European Parliament committed to the inclusion of mental health in all policies. The Coalition represents the interests of mental health users, persons with psychosocial disabilities, their families, carers, professionals and service providers across Europe. The integrity, user-centredness and independence of this coalition are safeguarded by Mental Health Europe’s own strict ethical rules that reject any funding from the healthcare and related industry.

What does it do?

In the 9th European Parliament term, the Coalition for Mental Health and Wellbeing will:

  1. aim to ensure that positive mental health and wellbeing are high on the EU agenda;
  2. support the development and implementation of mental health friendly policies and recommendations in all relevant fields (e.g. education, employment, health, housing);
  3. champion mental health and wellbeing from an equity point of view, particularly for people in vulnerable situations such as young people in periods of transition or refugees and migrants;
  4. ensure that the rights of persons with psychosocial disabilities are respected through the development of policies in line with EU and international legislation;
  5. promote the involvement of (ex)users of mental health services in political decisions at every stage of policy development;
  6. contribute to building sustainable, transparent and recovery-oriented mental health systems.

This Coalition will allow MEPs to stand up for positive mental health, advancement of quality of care, and human rights. Through this Coalition, MHE will support MEPs with:

  • formulating amendments to legislative proposals,
  • preparing Parliamentary questions,
  • drafting their own-initiative reports,
  • organising hearings and events related to mental health,
  • alerting Coalition members about important developments in relation to mental
  • health and wellbeing at European level.

Members of the Coalition will champion the advancement of EU policies which contribute to mainstreaming positive mental health and implementation of accessible, affordable, high-quality and recovery-oriented mental health care based on human rights.

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With new political priorities emerging across Europe, it is critical to give the European Parliament Coalition on Mental Health and Wellbeing further momentum so that mental health and comprehensive mental health friendly policies remain at the heart of EU policy making in the upcoming years.

Joining this Coalition, as a Member of the European Parliament, is a strong statement of your commitment to improving mental health outcomes for all Europeans in the most transparent and independent way.