About MHE
We advocate for positive mental health and wellbeing and for the rights of people living with mental ill health and we raise awareness to end mental health stigma

Mental Health Europe (MHE) is the largest independent European network working on mental health and continuously championing social inclusion, deinstitutionalisation and respect for the human rights of people with psychosocial disabilities and mental health problems. We aim to promote positive mental health, prevent mental health problems, improve mental health care and advocate for the human rights of mental health service users.

MHE represents associations, organisations and individuals active in the field of mental health and well-being in Europe, including (ex)users of mental health services, volunteers and professionals of many disciplines. Currently, we have 70+ member organisations in 32 European countries.

MHE works closely with the European bodies – fighting social rights violations for people with mental health problems by lodging collective complaints with the Council of Europe, liaising with the European Commission and keeping official relations with the World Health Organisation Regional Office for Europe, and organizing at least one awareness-raising event each year in the European Parliament.

Mental Health Europe envisions a Europe where mental health and well-being are given high priority in the political spectrum and on the European health and social policy agenda, where (ex)users of mental health services live as full citizens with access to appropriate services and support when needed, and where meaningful participation is guaranteed at all levels of decision-making and administration. Our values values are based on dignity and respect, equal opportunities, freedom of choice, non-discrimination, social inclusion, democracy and participation.

For more information please contact Fatima Awil, +32 2 227 27 08 / fatima.awil@mhe-sme.org.